Securecom are delighted to have partnered with the fantastic Zerowire smart wireless alarm system by Carrier. With a wire range of security and life safety devices, the Zerowire alarm is a cost effective and easy to use option for residential and small commercial installations. With the main control panel only needing power, the system is installed in as little as two hours. Integrating with the fast and easy to use UltraSync+ app, available on both iPhone and Android, it offers full remote control with an intuitive interface.

You have the option to have your system fully monitored by our partner alarm receiving centre or connected directly to your phone, with real time alerts. Both options allow full access to the UltraSync+ app for remote control.

The system comprises of the central hub which has a built in keypad, internal sounder, back up battery, GSM and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a built in panic button. This unit needs power so we would need a socket nearby. It’s a simple system to use and can be operated through the keypad, by a remote fob or by your phone from anywhere (as long as you have internet on your phone) through a smartphone app. The app can be downloaded on up to six phones and allows you to set and unset the alarm, check the system log, check the status of the system as well as alerting your in real time of an activation. 

We would then place devices throughout the premises, this will vary for each system and would require a full assessment on the day of the installation. These devices can be a mix of door contacts, which would trigger on a door opening, shock sensors which will trigger on vibration by someone hitting or vibrating a window or a window opening, motion sensors that will activate on motion being detected in the room. All these devices are wireless and we can also add smoke detectors which would alert you on your phone if they were activated too. 

We would then fit a decoy bell out the front of the property, which has a flashing light. This acts as a deterrent and will flash on and off day and night. 


With fully monitored kits available, fully installed from only €199, contact us here for more information.