Here at Securecom Galway, our preferred hard wired and commercial alarm manufacturing partner is the Dublin based HKC. HKC were formed in 1991 and since then has led the Irish intruder alarm market through constant innovation as well as creating a great end user experience HKC’s new SecureComm service can be a powerful tool for remote monitoring of your alarm. 

Starting with the original HKC SecureWatch and upgrading to the HKC SecureWave some time later, they had dominated the Irish alarm market ever since. 

HKC now have two main systems, the HKC 10-270 Hybrid panel and the HKC Quantum wireless panel:


HKC’s Hybrid Alarm System

HKC 10-270

This control panel is ideal for wired or hybrid systems. There are 10 on board zones with the possibility to increase this to 270. This maximum number of zones can be both wired and wireless. There can be a maximum of eight remote keypads on this system too. 

HKC Wireless Alarm System

HKC Quantum

The control panel is designed for smaller installations, with an all in one panel with on-board keypad. This unit can have up to 70 wireless zones. It can also take one extra wireless remote keypad. We have created a short intro video on this wireless system, you can view it by clicking here.


HKC Quantum

Both systems can take wireless motion sensors, door and window sensors, sounders as well as life safety devices like smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors.

HKC has a service called SecureComm, which allows the end user to remotely connect to their alarm, whether from bed or from the far side of the world. This is done through the HKC SecureComm app, it can be downloaded for both Android or iPhone. We have done a YouTube demonstration video, you can view it by clicking here.

If you are thinking of getting a HKC system fitted or have an existing system fitted and need to add additional protection, have a service completed or add the SecureComm app service in Galway. Please give us a call